Tracy Harrison

About the Artist

Tracy is a self-taught, multimedia artist working with a variety of materials which include clay, fiberoptics, paint, charcoal, found and nature objects.  Images are created from the heart and their essence is of a spiritual, emotive and organic nature. Her work is in private, public and corporate collections in Brazil, England, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, United States, Mexico and Canada.  Tracy's main artistic focus is on exhibition and commission based pieces and nature and public art installations.  In addition to visual art, Tracy is a designer and has designed Frida Kahlo and Mexican Talavara inspired sculptures and tableware.

Tracy is also a poet and a Registered Art Therapist in private practice on Salt Spring Island, in British Columbia Canada. She has been practicing for over 30 years.  Art Workshops and Private Clay Sessions for Adults, Children, Youth and Corporations are offered out of her studio and in other various locations.

Artist Statement

Charmed by the personalities of light and its reflective qualities, my work explores relationships between light and shadow, light and reflection and light and form. I look to explore the illusionary effects and hypnotic grace of mixed media light sculptures and am interested to see how different materials interact. I have always been enthralled by shiny things and bring that element into some of my paintings through the use of gold dust powder from Thailand. The gold dust powder allows an image to change with the direction of light and reflect a new image upon the viewer as they pass by. It is this changeability that intrigues me and informs my creative process.

Transformation is about change and light is an agent of change. Whether we look to the sun to shine upon our gardens; the lamp to bring light to our material world or  our internal light to illuminate our spiritual world, we rely upon light to help us see.  And in our darkest moments lest we forget that it is the shadow that gives a reference point to the light.  I embrace the shadow aspects of life as teachings and in art as the contrasting layers to light - always bringing more of a sense of richness to life and art.

My poetry has inspired paintings and my paintings have inspired poems.  This creative interaction brings a deeper quality of meaning for both artist and viewer. Cross pollinating materials brings new exciting work to fruition.  Recently, I have been collecting beach garbage to make pieces from and leaving art prayers made of natural beach materials and garden produce.