Architectural Ceramics

Tracy creates large scale ceramic tile installations for private and public spaces.  Whenever possible she likes to invite the public into the art making so they too become a creative participant in the process. Tile installations vary from traditional rectangular or square sculpted, painted or raku tile compositions (See the Clay Tiles page.) to unique tile forms with 3 dimensional elements that you see here in the first slide show. Tile work is suitable for indoor installation and can also remain outside.  Shelter structures may be required for some outdoor environments depending on local weather conditions.

2013 Paper Clay Story Dragon for the Salt Spring Public Library
Installing Library Dragon
Story Dragon Installed
Tracy y Seahorse
5 foot Hi Fired Clay Seahorse
Tracy and Clay Arbutus Tree
7 Foot Clay Arbutus Tree
Details of Arbutus Tree
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abh ac moauts raku tiles instalation 500 w

For Traditional Tile Installations: See the Clay Tiles page.