Art Therapy


"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom"  Anais Nin

Private Art Therapy sessions for Adults and Children are available with Tracy in her Mandala Yurt Studio on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada or via Telephone or Email.

Contact Tracy and begin a rich, creative personal journey of self discovery soon.

Art making is transformative and healing.
While making art we set goals, problem solve, create, transform, restructure, balance, reflect, heal, look at things from all angles and we grow.

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In Art Therapy we enter the art making process with a willingness to explore our personal issues. The art we create provides insight through its symbolic and metaphorical language.  No previous art experience or skill is necessary as the focus is not on the aesthetics of the work - it is on the process of making art so you can communicate directly with your soul. 

If you have an image or body of work you would like to gain insight from contact Tracy for a consultation. Lean how to decode and interpret what your art is trying to communicate directly to you. 


Sessions are private, effective and reasonably priced

The Benefits of Art Therapy
* Creative, playful, spiritual and enjoyable explortion of self
* Insightful, rejuvenating, healing connection to your soul
* Express and identify emotions in a positive and gentle way
* Explore qualities of life and self through imagery symbolism
* Create wellness in your mind, body, spirit and boost energy
* Open to your own unique creative expression and expand


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Tracy's Pet Therapy Dogs: Frida & Diego 

Adult Art Workshops
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Tracy offers half day, full day workshops and weekend retreats on Salt Spring Island in her Mandala Yurt Studio on Salt Spring Island in Western Canada. If you would like to know about those when they come up, please sign up on our email list - see Email Alerts buttons above. 


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Tracy's Cedar Yurt Studio on Salt Spring Island