Children's Classes/Camps Registration

Payments can be made with credit cards using paypal or by sending a cheque payable to Tracy Harrison at:
1375 Beddis Road, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2C9
To Make a Paypal Payment:
  1.  Choose correct payment option on right side in grey box
  2.  Enter Number of Classes or Children by using the grey arrows
  3.  Click on Buy Now
  4.  A paypal window will appear with the name at the top (that is the name of my account)
  5.  Check the description, quantity and amount are all correct
  6.  Click on"check out" or "Check out with Paypal" button (it doesn't matter which one you choose)
  7.  You will be given the option on the right side of the new window to either pay with paypal account or below you will see an option for those without paypal accounts. You don't have to have a paypal account to use it
  8.  Once you click on the payment button after either logging in or filling out the form a confirmation email will be sent from paypal and I will also send you a confirmation with more information on the class or camp


March Clay Workshops: $25.00 per class

Clay Camp/Class Deposit:
$50.00 per child

Clay Camp Full Payments:

$185.00 per child
March Clay Workshops

No. of Classes

Clay Camp/Class

No. of Children

Clay Camps Full Payment

No. of Children