Black Clay Runes

Runes were originally a Nordic alphabet which transformed over time into an ancient oracle. They are a powerful means of communication with the Divine. Runes reflect the cycles of growth all living beings experience and thus they transcend time and space.  They help you understand where you are in the process of change and healing. Is it time to be quiet and internal or to take action and persevere? The runes can guide you through difficult times by indicating if it is time to take action or whether it is time to sit and ruminate and wait.

Tracy makes runes several times a year and births them under a full moon. You can order a set directly from her. She ships runes anywhere in the world. On Salt Spring Island they are for sale at The Pottery (in Fulford Harbour). Rune sets are $70.00 and come with a bag and a small booklet of information and interpretations. The rune set is based on the Ralph Blum book -The Book of Runes and Tracy recommends you buy this book to go with your new set.  Your local bookstore may be able to order it in or you can find it on Amazon.

Join Tracy in her Mandala Yurt Studio  under the early Waxing to Full Moon to create your own set of black clay runes. When we take the time to create our own rune set in clay, we create a very powerful set ~ in tune with our own rhythms and energies. After the runes are created with the blessings of the Nordic Goddesses and Gods we offer them to the fire and then return to the studio to birth and glaze them. Watch this site for Upcoming events to get the date for the next Rune workshop  Or join Tracy's email list or contact her directly.

Clay Runes
Clay Runes
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