Clay Sculpture

Tracy's sculptures are created from clay and mixed media. Creating small conceptual work to large scale whimsical pieces Tracy draws on many firing practices such as smoke fire, raku, high fire stoneware and low fire terra cotta.  High fired pieces are most appropriate for gardens and outdoor spaces.

Spiral Horse Series

Spiral Horse Blue
Spiral Horse Lime
Spiral Horse Aqua
Spiral Horse Aqua Other Side
Spiral Horse Drying
Spiral Horse Wet Clay Stage
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Torsos Series I & II

Torsos Signature
Torsos Fluff
Torsos Rowanda and Her Sister
Torsos Frenchie
Torsos Frenchie Front View
Torsos Calabaza
Torsos Calabaza Front
Torso Aqua
Torsos Aqua Front
Torsos Two Toned Annie
Torsos Purity
Torsos Smoky Samantha
Torsos Smoky Sandy
Torsos Sculpture Collaboration Denise
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Raku Sculpture

Raku Sculpture Mermaid
Raku Sculpture Naked Figure
Raku Sculpture Green Rabbit
Raku Sculpture Aqua Rabbit
Raku Sculpture Fish
Raku Sculpture Fish Hi Fired
Raku Sculpture Clay Mask Who
Raku Sculpture Clay Mask Contemplating Pink
Raku Sculpture Clay Mask Priestess
Raku Sculpture Clay Mask Baba Yaga
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Earth Plant
Inspired Series & Souls Journey

Earth Plant Inspired Clay Pod
Earth Plant Inspired Clay Desert Vessel
Souls Journey 1
Souls Journey 2
The Soul's Journey 3
The Soul's Journey 4
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