Corporate Creative Workshops

In “The Flight of the Creative Class” Author Richard Florida cautions
“Now it is the intrinsically human ability to create new ideas, new technologies, new business models, new cultural forms and whole new industries that really matters”

Your Creative MidWife is

 Tracy Harrison Visual Artist, Creative Coach, Educator and Art Therapist

Adults Art Workshops

Half Day Retreats


Boost and build upon your team’s creative capital! The sessions are informative, interactive and fun. An energizing spark! In your venue or ours:  2 to 3 hours sessions

One Day Retreats


Personality typology using the Enneagram are worked into Full day art making and team building retreats, that infuse insight and acceptance into your team. A fiery flame of motivation!In your venue or ours: 6 to 8 hour sessions

One Week Retreats


A combination of team building exercises, gentle eco tours, artistic expression, yoga, meditation and relaxation draws your team into the fire. A Roaring Blast of Fiery Fun and Creative Indulgence! Salt Spring, Mexico, Italy ... or a Venue of your Choice!    5 Nights

“It’s the job of a manager not to light the fire of motivation, but to create an environment to let each person’s personal spark of motivation blaze.”  Frederick Herzberg (Motivation - Hygiene Theory)