Corporate Creative Workshops
One Day Retreats
Art Transforms the Body, Mind and Spirit

Richard Florida encourages us to recognize that
"One of the great paradoxes of the
creative age is that, even as it relies on the entrepreneurial spark of individual's to
ignite its flames, its heat and light will only last if they are tended by broader society."

We use the creative arts to enhance problem solving skills, encourage flexibility,
generate creativity and risk taking and build confidence in team members who
believe they are uncreative. One day workshops can also be tailor made using
our half day retreat ideas and expanding upon them.

What's the Angle

Using Team Building exercises and clay sculpture techniques that encourage risk
taking, problem solving we stretch the ability of your team to think outside the box.
Team members cultivate and recognize a number of creative skills in the making of
the sculpture. The Enneagram typology is applied to the individual personalities of
your team to encourage acceptance and excellence in their field.

The Agony and the Ecstacy

Using the Enneagram Personality Typology we identify
your team personality types and begin to explore how
your team functions when they feel fully supported
and what happens when they get stressed.

Clay sculptures are created by each team member
on the first day to fully explore their personality
type. In a second follow up day, we begin to dialogue
about the impact of stress and look at self care, team
support and body wellness to combat the impacts.
Ways to support each other, self care on the job and
body wellness techniques are explored.
Clay Sculpture

Contact Tracy Harrison "to tailor make a one day workshop to address your specific concerns or ideas"