Corporate Creative Workshops

Half Day Retreats


“Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm”.
Earl Nightingale

Our half day workshops blow gently upon dormant embers and bring forth flame. These workshops are great as creative breaks in a working retreat, a conference setting or as a surprise break to the daily grind!

Asian Scrolls: Making Your Mark


Drawing upon black ink brushstroke and scroll traditions of Asia, participants make their own Asian Scrolls. The importance of focused, determined and confident brush strokes is parallelled to business practices. Participants will take risks, build confidence, problem-solve, celebrate errors and negotiate form, line and pattern. This workshop blends well with the topic of Biz/Product Branding.

HD Asian Scrolls
Runes: Guidance & Insight

Ancient Runes Oracles are symbols which pre-date our alphabet, but transcend culture and time in their guidance. Participants will learn to read the runes and create a rune amulet by burning wood or carving clay.

Clay Mandalas: Entering the Zone

We will survey the mandalas of Tibetan, Nepalese, Native, Celtic and Aboriginal cultures to spark the innate creative abilities of your team. Everyday use of mandalas for relaxation, centering, insight, and stress reduction will be discussed. Each participant will design and glaze their own clay mandala. The mandalas are kiln fired overnight and returned the next day. Mandalas can be used as a trivet, coffee mug coaster or to adorn a wall. A group mandala can be made as well and an installation of all mandalas can be done on your office wall upon request.

HD Mandalas