Ink Brush Work

Inspired by her travels in Asia and learning to do black ink brush painting in Thailand, Tracy began developing her own style of collage using black ink brush strokes with liquified acrylic orbs. She uses handmade paper from Thailand and creates scroll like presentations and framed floating work in shadow boxed frames.   Using meditation and an intuitive art making process Tracy renders the black ink lines in relationship to the acrylic orbs.  Tracy also pursued a line of animal forms using as few strokes as possible to render the animal form. Check out the the two-stroke bear or the one stroke geckos.

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Up In the CosmosUp In the Cosmos
Up In the Cosmos
Black Ink Brush work with Liquified Acrylic orb on
Handmade Thai Paper.
Zen MeditationZen Meditation
Zen Meditation
Based on the essence of nothing and the practice of
Aussie Outback inspired by travels through Australia.
Bubbling BrookBubbling Brook
Bubbling Brook
The calm of a bubbling brook is imaged in this collage
of acrylic orb, black ink and handmade paper.
Cosmic MountainsCosmic Mountains
Cosmic Mountains
The mountains of the West Coast of Canada informed
this image.
Magical Musings of the West Coast TrailMagical Musings of the West Coast Trail
Magical Musings of the West Coast Trail
A famous Western Canadian Trail was the inspiration
for this image.
A two stroke bear. In black ink brush painting the
goal is to create the image in as few strokes as
Visioning 1
This image completed the Journey series and began a
body of work which included more collage pieces
Began an exploration
of animals in black ink.
This shows the use of other collage
pieces well.
Prairie WindsPrairie Winds
Prairie Winds
Celebrated the beauty of the Canadian Prairies.
Altar of ChiAltar of Chi
Altar of Chi
This is one of the first images I
created using black ink and acrylic orbs.
It was designed to appear scroll like.
Misty MountainMisty Mountain
Misty Mountain
Another celebration of the West Coast mountains in

A piece that honours
the journey we all take
in our life time.
A celebration of the
spiritual ceremonial
practices of our
Native Canadians.

Returns us to the theme
of calm and centered.

Victory PhiVictory Phi
Victory Phi
Has angst to it which was
odd for this series, but
somehow fit with Phi.
Solar PhiSolar Phi
Solar Phi
Was birthed from the
planetary phi image as a
complimentary image.
Planetary PhiPlanetary Phi
Planetary Phi
Expresses the beauty of
mathematics and the
spiritual nature of equations.
Moon Over TempleMoon Over Temple
Moon Over Temple
Was inspired by the wonderful
temples I visited in Bali, Indonesia.