Kids Classes/Camps

Tracy offers workshops for children year round through her own studio and in other locations like Art Spring, Workshops on the Rock and Artist in the Classroom on Salt Spring Island and other locations off island. See the Upcoming Events calendar below and sign up on the mailing list to be the first to get access to the workshops - some are FREE. 


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The Benefits of Clay Making for Kids are:

*   foster creativity and individuation
*   increase self esteem and confidence
*   develop goal setting & problem solving skills
*   find creative, healthy ways of self expression
*   explor social and cultural issues
*   discover inner strengths and insights
*   develop an artist's way of seeing
*   spark interest in a fine arts craft
*   have fun socially with other kids
*   learn design techniques and colour matching
*   develop sculpture techniques and skill

Travelling Workshops 

Tracy can bring these workshops to your community in weekly class or weekend workshop formats, depending on your location. 


Bone Wind Fire  

Pairing with the brilliant film by the same name, Tracy does a workshop where kids watch the film Bone Wind Fire  and then explore the styles and work of Emily Carr, Georgia OKeefe and Frida Kahlo. The workshop can culminate into an art exhibition, which we call Bone Wind Fire ~ Kid's Size!  A screening and talk with Jill Sharpe - the filmmaker can also be arranged, depending on her schedule.

Dias Dos Los Muertos 

The styles and artwork by Artists like Jose Posado, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, related to the Mexican Day of the Dead are explored as students create Catrinas, Calaveras, Self Portraits and Sugar Skeletons. This workshop can be brought to exhibition if a space can be provided ~ teaching students the full process from creation to exhibition.

The Group of 7 and Tom Thomson 

Films are shown to acquaint the students with these incredible Canadian Artists.  Students then draw on the Artist's styles to create replicas and learn from the masters. Student's are also encouraged to create their own works of art - landscapes, buildings and figurative work.  This workshop can also be brought to exhibition teaching students the full process from creation to exhibition.

Robert Bateman - The Beauty of Nature 

This workshop helps student increase their appreciation for nature and all that it has to offer.  We explore Robert Bateman's work and study the animals he has brought to life in his paintings. After sketching and painting the animals or birds we create them in clay. Sculptures and painting from the paintings can be exhibited is there is space available.  On occasion Robert is available to speak at the opening as well.

Loving Vincent Van Gogh's Style
A clip from the film Loving Vincent inspires us to explore his life and work more deeply. We create sketches and paintings in his style and draw our own unique pop up chairs using black paper and pastels. This workshop can also be brought to exhibition teaching students the full process from creation to exhibition.


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