Corporate Creative Workshops

Jump into the Fire and Transform

One Week Retreats


Send your team off on a retreat into the Jungle or on a Mountain top and we’ll send them back all Fired up!

Our workshops stimulate the mind, body and spirit boosting the confidence of
your team members to dream and tend the fires of your organization. All
workshop activities are definately for the unexperienced and will satisfy the


The Creative Dream Team


During this week your team will paint, sculpt, carve and draw using visual art techniques, writing, poetry, meditation, body movement and yoga to generate creativity.

Team building has never been so fun!

Tenders of the Fire


Using the Enneagram Personality Typology, creativity enhancing meditations and music, visual arts, brainstorming and visualization techniques each member of your team will come to recognize their gifts and talents.

We will teach the cycle of creative fire, and how to negotiate each step in the creative process.


Where are the creative strengths in your team?

We can make all the arrangements for your group to experience the Jungle of Costa Rica, the sun and surf of Mexico or the tranquil setting of Salt Spring Island. We can also travel to whatever destination you have in mind. Contact Tracy Harrison to discuss your ideas.