Raku & Smoke Fired

One of Tracy's favourite ways to fire clay is using a process called Raku which was developed in Japan. Pieces are fired in the kiln until melting temperature and then using tongs Tracy transfers the pieces into metal cans of combustible materials. The pieces smoulder in the can as the the fire dissipates and this creates irridescent patterns of chemical reaction to dance upon the glazed pieces. Sometimes the piece is taken out during the smouldering and sprayed with water to capture a particular pattern. The other way Tracy likes to play in the fire is with smoke fired pieces. They come out of the kiln super hot with a light matt base on the burnished forms. Tracy places the pieces on a spinner and quickly applies materials (like horse hair and feathers) that make impressions on the pots. Inquire about Tracy's raku and smoke fire workshops!

Smoke Fired Series

Smoke Fired On Display
Smoke Fired On Display Back View
Smoke Fired and Burnished
Smoke Fired Full Display
Smoke Fired Saggar Cup
Smoke Fired Saggar Cup Close Up
Smoke Fired Spirit Vessel Interior
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Naked Raku Series I and II

Naked Raku
Naked Raku Fired Bowls
Naked Raku Bowl
Naked Raku Sunburst Bowl
Naked Raku Interior of Bowl
Small Naked Raku Goblet
Naked Raku fired Vessel
Naked Raku Spiral Bowl
Naked Raku Bowl Collaborative Piece
Naked Raku Smoked Vase
Naked Raku Fired Vases
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